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1.5.3 Change the authoritative DNS

From the technical details page of the Domain you wish to change the details of, after selecting the "Edit" tab you can change the "Transfer Protection" status by selecting the "Unlock" option. Now you can go ahead and edit the authoritative DNS.
N.B. This process can be followed both for Cloud DNS and for Custom DNS. However we recommend that you do not change these parameters if you have chosen to use the Cloud DNS.
In case of custom DNS in the "Authoritative DNS" section you will find the DNS that were entered during the registration or transfer process of the Domain Name.

Simply change the existing values. It is possible to add or delete the DNS by using the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols found next to the DNS.
  ATTENTION: we remind you that each Domain Name must have at least 2 DNS parameters, up to a maximum of 8.