3.1 Enable a check

Create a check in a plan as follows:
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • select "DOMAINS" from the horizontal menu;
  • select "Manage" from the "CLOUD MONITORING" section in the left menu;
  • in the "Manage Monitoring" section, click on "MANAGE" for the plan you want to create a check for;
  • this will take you to the technical datasheet for the plan;
  • in the "Checks" section, select "CREATE CHECK";
  • this takes you to the "Create a check" section, where you will be asked to provide the parameters to create the check.
In this area you are asked to give the check you are enabling a name. The name provided when creating a check can be edited at any time using the edit a check procedure.
Each plan can only have one check with the same name.
Use the list provided to choose between the protocols and services offered.
Please remember that once a protocol/service has been enabled, it can no longer be edited: only the parameters relating to that particular protocol/service can be changed.

Further information on the protocols and services offered can be found in the guide.
For each check activated it is necessary to indicate the Region from which the check should be carried out.

In general, it is better that checks are carried out in a different Region from the one where the service being monitored is operating. Depending on the plan selected, checks can be carried out in more than one Region.
This parameter indicates the time interval (in seconds) between checks. The minimum value depends on the plan selected.
This parameter can be edited at any time.
Timeout represents the time (in seconds) before an anomaly is considered as a failed check (with subsequent event notification).
It is possible to set the number of failed checks before receiving notification.
One or more email addresses can be provided to receive notification in the event of a failed check. This parameter can be edited at any time. An SMS notification service can also be activated/deactivated (adding or removing mobile phone numbers) at any time.

The cost of the SMS service is charged per SMS sent: the total cost of each SMS notification is therefore dependent on the number of mobile numbers provided.

To finish creating a check click on "CREATE CHECK" at the bottom of the page.