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3.1 Activate a check

To activate a check first you need to create a plan after which you can proceed as follows:
  • access the Cloud Monitoring service from the Control Panel,
  • go to the management section from the "CLOUD Monitoring" tab,

  • select the plan you wish to add a check to,
  • select the relevant "Manage" button,

  • after opening the plan details page click on the "Create Check" button found in the Checks section,

When you activate a check the following parameters will be required:
  • Name
  • Protocol/Service
  • Region
  • Frequency of checks
  • Timeout value
  • Failures before notification
  • Notifications


In this section you need to enter a name to give to the check you are activating. The name you enter when creating a check can be changed at any time by following the edit the check process. We remind you that within the same plan it is not possible to have checks with the same name.


By using the provided list you can select one of the available protocols and services. We remind you that once a protocol/service has been activated it cannot be changed: it will only be possible to change the parameters of that specific protocol/service. For more information on the available protocols and services see the specific guide.


For each check that you activate you need to indicate from which region the check needs to be made from. Generally it is best to make checks from a Region other than the Region where the element to be monitored is found. Depending on the type of plan you have chosen it is possible to carry out the checks from one or more regions.

Frequency of checks

This parameter indicates how often the check will be made (in seconds). The minimum value depends on the selected plan. This parameter can be changed at any time.

Timeout value

The timeout value represents the amount of time to wait (in seconds) before a failure is considered a failed check (with consequent notification).

Failures before notification

It is possible to indicate how many failed checks need to be detected before receiving a notification.


It is possible to indicate one or more email addresses for receiving the notifications in case a check fails, this parameter can be changed at any time. There is also an SMS notification service available for a fee which can be activated/deactivated (adding or deleting mobile phone numbers) at any time. The cost of the SMS notification service is calculated per single SMS: the total cost for each SMS notification will therefore be calculated based on how many phone numbers are entered.