3.5 Delete a check

  ATTENTION: we remind you that if you delete a check you will lose all the data configured when creating the check or when making changes to the check. Deleting checks is irreversible and involves the permanent cancellation of the history data which will no longer be available.
To delete a check proceed as follows:
  • access the Cloud Monitoring service from the Control Panel,
  • go to the management section from the "CLOUD Monitoring" tab

  • select the plan where the check you wish to delete is found,
  • select the relevant "Manage" button,

  • after opening the plan technical details page open the list of possible actions through the arrow on the right of the "Manage" button,
  • select the "Delete" option to delete the check,

  • a confirmation request like the one below will appear,

  • confirm the operation with the "OK" button.
The check can be deleted regardless of its status which could be either "Active" o "Disabled".