3.2 Edit a check

To edit a check you must first sign in to the technical datasheet for the Monitoring plan.

The "Checks" section displays a list of the checks enabled for that particular plan.

Click on "MANAGE" next to the check you want to edit, or alternatively, open the drop-down menu by moving the mouse over the arrow next to the "MANAGE" button, and select "Edit".

This takes you to the page showing the specific configurations of the check (the same as those set up in creating a check). Please remember that all parameters set up in the creation phase can be changed at any time, apart from the type of protocol/service: parameters linked to the protocol/service, however, can always be edited.

If you need to change the type of protocol/service, we recommend deleting the check in question and creating a new one; alternatively, you can upgrade the plan to increase the number of checks that can be enabled at the same time.

Once the changes have been made, click on "SAVE CHANGES" at the bottom of the page.
Changes made to a check will not delete the history of that check, which will always remain available.