3.3 Edit a check

To edit a check proceed as follows:
  • access the Cloud Monitoring service through the Control Panel
  • go to the management section from the "CLOUD Monitoring" tab

  • select the plan where the check you wish to edit is found
  • select the relevant "Manage" button

  • after opening the plan details page click on the "Manage" button found on the right side of the check or open the list of possible actions through the arrow on the right of such button, then select the "Edit" option.

You will then access the check details page. We remind you that it is possible to edit all the parameters you set when creating the check, except for the type of protocol/service: whereas the parameters of the protocol/service can be changed at any time.

The changes made to a check will not delete the history of that check which therefore will remain available at all times.

Should you need to change the type of protocol/service, we recommend that you delete the check in question and create a new one; alternatively you can upgrade the plan in order to increase the number of checks which can be activated at the same time.