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1.1 General description of the Aruba Cloud Monitoring service

With the Monitoring service you can buy plans and checks with which to monitor your Servers (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers or other), Domains, DNS, data base and in general any element reached from the web through a public IP address/host. Depending on the type of plan that you select you can set various checks based on various protocols and services.

An E-mail and SMS notification service (optional service available for a fee) will warn you in case of failures detected on the monitored service and when such service is resumed, based on the frequency you select. The plans have a cost per month that is deducted upon activation from the credit and an automatic renewal.

You can access the Control Panel at any time to make changes to the plans and to the checks you setup. From a specific section it is possible to see the historical data so you can analyze more precisely any detected failures.