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2.3 What happens when the credit runs out?

Monitoring Free Plan

If the credit has run out or is too low to renew a Cloud Server Pro, the latter is switched off, and consequently the Monitoring Free plan is also deactivated. If, within the next seventeen days, the Cloud Server Pro is not topped up and reactivated, the Monitoring Free plan is deleted and all the configurations will be permanently lost.

Monitoring Plans

If the customer runs of credit, the Monitoring Plans will continue to be active until the natural expiry date of 30 days paid in advance, after which they will change to DISABLED status.
If, after seventeen days from deactivation, no SUFFICIENT TOP-UP has been made for the REACTIVATION of the Monitoring Plans, these will be permanently CANCELLED with the consequent loss of all settings configured in the controls.
This process cannot be undone and it will no longer be possible to recover the data.