3.2 Create a plan

To create a plan for the Monitoring service proceed as follows:
  • log in the Control Panel using your credentials,
  • select the "CLOUD Monitoring" service,

  • click on the Plan icon,

  • select the "Create New Plan" button.

A screen will appear where you need to, besides choose a type of plan, indicate the "Name of Plan" and the frequency of the "Notifications".

Name of Plan

The name you enter (mandatory) when creating a plan can be changed at any time by following the edit plan process. We remind you that it is not possible to have plans with the same name for a single account.


This parameter (mandatory) indicates the maximum number of notifications that you wish to receive in one hour in case of failure detected during one or multiple checks activated in the plan. It is possible to change this value at any time by following the edit plan process.

After completing the process a message like the following will appear,

requesting you to create a check. It is possible to proceed or postpone the creation of a check to a later stage.