2.2 Create a plan

You can create a Monitoring service plan as follows:
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • select "DOMAINS" from the horizontal menu;
  • select "Manage" from the "CLOUD MONITORING" section in the left menu;
  • in the "Manage Monitoring" section click on "ADD NEW PLAN";
  • this will take you to the "Create a monitoring plan" section.
Select one of the plans. Please remember that the maximum number of "FREE" plans you can enable cannot exceed the number of Cloud Server Pro services purchased.
The name provided (mandatory) when creating a plan can be edited at any time using the edit a plan procedure.
Each account can only have one plan with the same name.
This parameter shows the maximum number of notifications to be received per hour in the event of an anomaly detected by one or more of the checks enabled in the plan.

This number can be changed at any time using the edit a plan procedure.

Once all details have been entered, click on "CREATE MONITORING PLAN".

Confirm the action in the "Buy new Monitoring plan" pop up window, by clicking on "OK, CONFIRM".

Once the plan has been created, you are requested to enable a check. This can be done immediately, or at a later date.