7.1 BaaS Service (Backup as a Service)

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The BaaS service (Backup as a Service) allows you to create backup copies of your Private Cloud virtual machine based on image technology and works closely with the virtualization hypervisor (VMware), without needing to install backup Agents on the VMs to be protected.

The technology used, by not relying on the network capacity and the resources of the virtual machines for the transfer of data ensures minimum overhead (use of additional resources) and maximum transparency in execution.

The protected virtual machine is fully preserved regardless of the installed operating system. Given the purely infrastructural nature of the BaaS service, it can be used in addition to the Cloud Backup service and therefore  provide total protection, from the image of the machine to the application-level and file system-level..

The service based on Acronis technology, market leader in backup solutions based on image technology, enables you to backup the vApp and VMs of your organization through a simple Web Control Panel.

It allows you to define the preferred schedule and persistence, and then restore, both the entire backed-up machine and single files of the same machine.

From said control panel it's also possible to reconfigure the restored virtual machine, changing the network, hostname, CPU and RAM settings, or decide to clone it on a new vApp.

The service is provided with the granularity of the single VM and includes 200GB of web space for each machine.

The space is cumulative: this means that, for example, 10 BaaS packages will get you a total of 2TB (10x200GB) of protection which can be distributed between the protected virtual machines (in this case 10 VMs). Customers can therefore get more licenses or increase the disk space simply by purchasing additional packages.

The backup technology integrates with the Hypervisor of the Private Cloud service and with the protection mechanisms offered by VMware guaranteeing consistency and performance. It also includes native integration with Microsoft's VSS (with VMware tools) to ensure application-level consistency. As the data is stored on remote storage, recovery is possible even in case of complete loss or corruption of the production storage, ensuring a complete recovery of entire vApps.

In order to guarantee maximum security levels, the protected data can be encrypted via password.