7.3 Backup plans

The service makes a distinction between the backup plans and the actual backups. The backups are considered the actual copies saved through a backup plan.
A backup plan is a set of parameters which determine the backup configuration:
  • Schedule

    The time and frequency of backup execution;
  • Data Retention

    Represents the retention period of the backups;
  • Options

    Options which can be applied to the backup plan, these consist in:
    • possibility to encrypt the backups with a password;
    • set up of email alerts in case of failure/success of backup execution;
    • excluding specific files from the backup (indicating the extension) or specific folders (indicating the path);
    enabling VSS, therefore based on Windows, ensuring data consistency for the applications using VSS;

Preset backup plans

This service has 3 default backup plans:
  • Daily

    daily execution with data retention for one week
  • Weekly

    weekly execution with data retention for 4 weeks
  • Monthly

    monthly execution with data retention for 48 weeks
We remind you that the default backup plans cannot be deleted, unlike those created by users. These plans can only be edited, using the "Set options" button.
By clicking the above button a modal window will open like the following