7.4 Performing a backup without associating a backup plan to a VM

This service allows you to backup a single VM, releasing said backup from the settings of any backup plan associated with that VM. Therefore the performed backup will not have an expiry date. This backup can be performed both on VMs with an associated backup plan and on VMs which are not protected.

In order to backup a VM, proceed as follows:
  • select the name of the organization found in the top menu (in the example below we are using "Aruba"),
  • from the menu on the left select the vApp, then the VM you wish to backup,
  • click "Back up now",
  • the backup process will begin and on the right you will see a progress bar.
Once completed, the performed backup will be displayed in the list of backups of the related VM. If the backup is not associated with a backup plan, and therefore is not subject to a retention period setting, it will not have an expiry date, but will be stored indefinitely (and only deleted if deleted manually).