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2.2 Credit consumption

The Private Cloud service is calculated on 6 resources made available to the user:
  • vCPU
  • RAM
  • Storage (HD)
  • Firewall
  • IP public addresses
  • Vlan
The resources can be increased by the customer at any time.
The quantity of incoming and outgoing data traffic is included free of charge.
The user may choose to activate the following additional services:
  • Zerto - DRaaS (Disaster Ricovery as a Service)
  • Veeam - BaaS (Backup as a Service)
The Private Cloud service is calculated on a monthly basis (30 days).
  PLEASE NOTE: since the cost of the Private Cloud service is paid in advance for the following 30 days, we recommend you increase (or reduce) the resources towards the end of the 30-day period. In fact, the increase of a resource results in the cost being charged immediately.