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4.1 The Object Storage Web Client service

The service

The Object Storage Web Client allows you to use the Object Storage service without needing to install a dedicated connection client on your device. By using the Storage account, previously created through the Control Panel, you can access your remote web space via any standard web browser.
The Web Client has the same functions as the major connection clients, with the advantage of having a simple and functional interface, simplifying the upload and sharing of files on the web.

Using the service

The service can be reached via browser at After logging in, using your Storage account details, you will reach a page like the following,

divided in four sections:
  • BUCKETS - allows you to create and manage buckets and folders; displays the tree structure of the remote web space;
  • FILES - displays the confirmation or error messages; displays the files found in the remote web space and allows you to manage them;
  • DETAILS - displays the details of the bucket or of the selected folder indicating the total size, the last edit date and the number of files;
  • UPLOAD - allows you to upload the files in the remote web space and shows the state of progress while uploadingd;