STORAGE > Object Storage > Storage account > Reactivate/Delete a Storage account

2.2.1 Reactivate/Delete a Storage account

Once you have accessed the technical datasheet for the Object Storage account, you can:
An account can be marked with the status:
  • ACTIVE - when the account is fully operational.
  • SUSPENDED - when the account retains all its features (price plan and saved data) but cannot be used. This status is set by the system when the credit runs out or in the event of storage over quota.
The service can be reactivated either by:
Reactivation is not immediate and may take up to an hour before the account is operational again.
Deleting an account cannot be reversed and will result in the permanent loss of all data stored in the remote space and the deletion of any buckets (which will become available again to all users).

If an account with a package price plan is deleted, any charges paid in advance will be lost.

To delete an account, click DELETE in ACTIONS.

This can be performed whether an account is ACTIVE or SUSPENDED.