STORAGE  /  Object Storage  /  2 - Storage account  /  Activate/Suspend/Delete a Storage account

2.2.1 Activate/Suspend/Delete a Storage account

After logging into the technical details page of the account you wish to edit the status for, you will reach a page like the following.

Each account can be in either status:
  • Active - in this status the account is fully functional
  • Suspended - in this status the account keeps its settings saved (price plan and details) but cannot be used. This status can be configured manually by the user or can be set by the system when the credit runs out.
To change the status (ACTIVATED/DEACTIVATED) of an account or delete it you need to click on the relevant buttons.
Activate Deactivate Delete
- We remind you that deleting an account is irreversible and involves permanent loss of any data stored in the related remote space, and the cancellation of any buckets (which will be available again to all users).
- If an account that is associated to a package price plan is cancelled the pre-charged cost, for that specific price plan, will be lost.