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2.2.2 Change the password

After entering the "Edit" section of the account you wish to change the Password for you will find a page like the following.

In the "Change password" section you can enter the current password then type in the new password that you wish to give to the account twice. Proceed by clicking the "Edit" button.

You will be asked to confirm the operation through a modal window like the one below.

Click on "OK"

to confirm and save your settings.

Reset Password

If you have forgotten the Password for the Storage account you can request that the system generate a new one. To proceed with the process select the "Reset Password" button,

found in the "Change Password" section on the right.
If you previously configured an email address in the Customer Area, you will get the following reset confirmation message.

If not, you will be reminded to configure an email address in order to receive the new password from the system.

The system will send a message to the email address you indicate in the Customer Area, with the new password. The user can then decide to either use the new password generated by the system or change it. We remind you that each time you reset the password all previously configured passwords will be cancelled.