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2.2 Manage a Storage account

It is possible to make the following changes to the accounts you have created at any time: To make changes to an account you need to go to:
"Control Panel" -> "Manage" -> "Services" -> "Object Storage Account".

A page with a list of the accounts created by the user will appear

To make changes to an account simply go to the account details page by selecting the "Manage" button found to the right of the table.

An account details page like the following will appear

in which you will see: the status (ACTIVE or SUSPENDED), Region and URL, the price plan associated with the activation date, the use of the resources.
If you have selected a usage-based rate the use of the resources (Occupied space and Outgoing traffic) will be displayed in text form,

if however you have selected a package price plan such information will be displayed in graphic form.

From this section it is possible to edit the status of the account.

By clicking on "Edit"

you will reach a page where you can change the Password and the price plan.