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2.3 Statistics on the use of the resources

The Object Storage service allows you to monitor the use of the resources related to each account at any time. There are two ways you can monitor the resources you are using, via the:
  • Dashboard
  • account technical details page

Dashboard Section

In the Control Panel you will find a "Dashboard" section available through the provided tab.

In this section you will find a chart of the used space and the outgoing traffic. By using the dropdown list in the top left corner you can select the account that you wish to analyze (fig. 01).

[fig. 01]

It is possible to make a comparison between multiple accounts simply by selecting more accounts in the dropdown list (fig. 02). If you view several accounts at the same time you just need to place the mouse over a line or a node to see the value of the resource and the account.

[fig. 02]

Technical details page of the account

By opening the details page of each account using the "Manage" button,

it is possible to view the use of the resources. For accounts with a usage-based rate plan the information will be displayed in text form, as shown below:

For accounts with a package price plan such information will be displayed in graphic form.