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1.2 Technical features of the Aruba Object Storage service

The infrastructure of the Object Storage is based on the latest storage solutions for the archiving of petabyte (1.000.000 GB) of data. It uses a technology which guarantees high storage capacities, simplicity in operations and total control of the data, sparing the users management operations of large volumes and complex backup procedures. The design of the storage consists in a distributed intelligence featured system which does not present vulnerabilities.

Resilience and self-healing capacity are crucial features of the system. Updates in the technology do not require any data migration or downtime. Last of all, its parallel architecture ensures high performance levels, up to hundreds of thousands of random I/O per second and various GB per second of traffic.


When a file is uploaded in the storage space, the system automatically creates two copies of such file and saves the copies on randomly selected disks on different Servers, making sure that 3 copies of the data are always available in the system.

In case of brakeage or damage of a storage disk, the system will automatically activate the self-healing system, recreating a copy of the lost set of data on a third disk. All the files uploaded in the storage space, are not replicated on the same disks, each copy is made on a different disk of a different Server. This way a more safer storage network is created.

Schematic diagram of the Object Storage infrastructure