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1.3 Why choose the Aruba Object Storage service?


The Object Storage service offers two types of tariff plans based on the use of the service:
  • usage-based rate plan - recommended for use that involves few operations in upload/download
  • package price plan - recommended for frequent use of the service
In both solutions both the incoming Traffic and the Requests are free. The tariff plan can be changed at any time by the user.


With Object Storage it is possible to adapt the service based on the contingent needs of the user, in terms of capacity, performances and costs. It allows interaction with the Computing service and is API S3 compatible. The possibility to create multiple Object Storage accounts, allows you to separate the various sets of data and optimize their management.


The distributed intelligence featured system does not present vulnerabilities. The replication is the default mechanism of data protection which consists in creating 2 replicas (3 copies) for each stored file. The copies are managed by the system in complete transparency: in fact you can view a copy of your files, while the system archives another 2 copies.
During data transmission the HTTPS protocol can be used between the end point of the user and the public entry point compatible with S3. The authentication and the integrity of the HTTP requests use the S3 algorithm for the REST interface.