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Cloud Monitoring

Welcome to the Knowledge Base of the Cloud Monitoring service, through which you can buy plans and then activate checks to monitor elements which can be reached from the web through a public IP address/host, such as Cloud Servers, Domains, DNS, data base, etc ...
1.1 General description of the Aruba Cloud Monitoring service

The Monitoring service allows you to buy Plans and Checks with which to monitor your Servers (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers or other), Domains, DNS, data base and in general any element reached from the web through a public IP address/host.

2.1 Choose a plan

To start using the service you need to buy a plan, you can then go on to create and edit each single check. Every check allows you to monitor a service, the quantity and the features are based on the type of plan that you choose.

3.2 Available protocols and services

Depending on which plan you buy it is possible to activate multiple simultaneous checks. Each check that you activate relates to a protocol with a specific function.