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Private Cloud

Welcome to the Private Cloud Knowledge Base: the Private Cloud service you can buy a variable amount of computational resources (CPU, RAM and HD) and network resources (Virtual Lan and Public IPs), to use through the VMware vCloud Director web console, allowing you to create and manage Virtual data centers complete with fully-developed features such as perimeter Firewalls, Balancers and VPN concentrators.
1.1.1 Differences between Cloud Computing and Private Cloud

The table below shows the main differences between the Cloud Computing and Private Cloud service.

3.1 What is a custom service?

A "custom service" is a service which is made-to-measure for the customer. This type of service has been designed to provide customers with a product which adapts to their specific needs.

4.1 Access the web console

The address to access the VMware vCloud Director web console is published on the technical details page of the Private Cloud in the Control Panel.