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Cloud Object Storage

Welcome to the Knowledge Base of the Aruba Object Storage service, which allows you to create storage spaces in which to store unlimited amounts and types of data, in complete safety. Choose a topic from the menu or start a search.
1.2 Technical features of the Aruba Object Storage service

The infrastructure of the Aruba.it Object Storage is based on the leading storage solution for the archiving of various petabyte (1.000.000 GB) of data.

3.1 Creating a Storage account

Creating an account is simple and fast, you just need to access the service Control Panel using your login details and follow the indicated process.

3.1.1 Package tariff plans

When choosing the package tariff plan option it is possible to tell the system how to behave in case the resources run out.

4.3 Set automatic backups

It is possible to create scheduled operations to run a backup from a folder of your PC and the remote space of an active Storage account and vice versa.