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ASL-001 - CentOS 6.x 64bit - Pandora FMS Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide

Pandora FMS

EOL (End Of Life)
This template is no longer available for creating new Cloud Servers.


This template is designed to create a monitoring Server using the tools provided by Pandora FMS (Flexible Monitoring System), and a CentOS 64bit has been chosen as the basis for the operating system.


The Pandora console can be accessed by entering the IP for the Server directly in the browser, and the login details are as follows:
username: admin
password: same as the root password
The server is also accessible in SSH.


The image has the iptables firewall disabled by default.

Template version



Installed kernel 2.6.32-358* (improved integration with VMware and Hyper-V).
Disk timeout set to 180 seconds on Hyper-V and Low Cost Hyper-V.
Various optimizations.