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DRaaS additional service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows you to protect your Aruba Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure using a simple and secure, professional DR service. Using one of Aruba’s DRaaS additional services, the customer can create their own disaster recovery guidelines and policies. It takes just minutes to create self-contained replicas across multiple sites and to implement a fully functioning DR procedure. Two critical measurement parameters are central in defining a disaster recovery solution: RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).
  • RPO - represents the maximum misalignment that you are willing to tolerate between the production (primary site) and replication environments (secondary site). For all intents and purposes, this describes the amount of data left out of sync in the event of a disaster.
  • RTO - represents the time needed to restore the operation of services on the secondary site following a disaster. This describes the time needed to complete the Disaster Recovery process on an operational level to get your services back up and running.
The replication mechanism optimizes, deduplicates and compresses the data to be protected, guaranteeing the minimum impact on the bandwidth needed and so minimizing the attainable RPO.
The low RTO is guaranteed by the fact that the solutions offered are extremely easy to use, letting you start the fully automated recovery procedure (failover).

Customers can independently perform a DR test at any time. To all intents and purposes, the test performs a disaster recovery attempt, activating servers on the secondary site, without impacting production servers (primary site) in any way, allowing the customer to verify that the replicas and disaster recover procedures are working properly.

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Zerto Cloud DRaaS Veeam Cloud Connect VMware vCAv
Available at Data Centers IT1, IT3, CZ1, FR1, PL1 IT1, IT3 IT1, IT3, CZ1, FR1, PL1
Available on-premises      
On-premises infrastructure replication as source,
as replica destination
as replica source as replica source
Control Interface web panel[1] dedicated Veeam console VMware Cloud Director
Access via VPN   not required not required
SSL/TLS Connection      
WAN Optimization using deduplication and compression techniques integrated in the service[2] using compression techniques
RPO (Recovery Point Objective) in seconds in minutes in minutes
Maximum number of VMs managed unlimited unlimited unlimited
DR Test[3]      
Reverse sync feature[4]      
Customization of DR networks[5]      
Customization of DR Datastores[6]      
Technical support 24/7      
Average response time 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Total service SLA 99.95% 99.80% 99.80%
1. In each enabled Data Center.
2. Requires installation and configuration of WAN Acceleration role even on-premises, to permit the use of compression and deduplication features.
3. Option to test DR at any time without affecting production.
4. Allows you to invert replication flow to return from DR to production.
5. For each server. Separate test and actual disaster networks can be defined.
6. For each server.