Manage AWI account

Manage AWI account

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Aruba Cloud - Android

Aruba Cloud - iOS

Consent to marketing communications

Create a new login with your personal details

Edit deceased person's account details

Edit owner details (incorrect entry)

Edit owner details (transfer process)

Edit user details (address, phone, email)

Remote Desktop 8 - Android

Remote Desktop 8 - iOS

1.1 First login to Control Panel and change password

1.1 Signing in to the Customer Area

1.1.1 Recover login details

1.2 Log in to Control Panel

1.3 Recover login details

1.3.1 Recover AWI account

1.3.2 Reset AWI account password

1.4 Change AWI account password

1.5 Password expired, set new password

2.1 How to purchase Aruba Cloud services

2.1.1 How to apply for VAT exemption

2.2 How to top-up credit

2.2.1 View AWI account orders

2.2.2 View AWI account credit balance

2.2.3 Top-up credit using a voucher

2.3 Payment methods and turnaround time for credit and registration

2.3.1 Manage payment methods

2.4 Auto top-up: activate, change and cancel

2.4.1 Change the minimum credit limit

3.1 Cost type

3.1.1 Check usage and charges

3.1.2 Price plans for a Cloud Server PRO

3.2 Credit usage

3.3 Reserve credit before starting an operation

3.3.1 Cost of services based on allocation of resources

3.4 What happens to credit when a service is cancelled?

3.5 Upgrade: calculating allocation of costs

3.6 What happens when the credit runs out?

3.6.1 Reactivating services after a top-up

3.7 Duration of credit

4.6 Technical Support Requests

4.7 Notices

4.7.1 Operation Log

4.9 Custom services