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The Cloud Computing service APIs (Application Programming Interface) are a tool that is available to programmers who want to independently manage all of the functionality provided, they can automate and integrate them without going through the respective technical panel.
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Common > 1.1 Initial Concepts

With these connection interfaces you can actually check the operations on Cloud Servers and on additional elements you can change the service configurations and create and delete the various objects.

Computing > 1 Understanding the platform > 1.1 General rules

The Cloud platform is subject to architecture rules that must be understood and respected for complete and correct interaction ...

Computing > 9 Manipulation of Personal Templates > 9.1 Personal Templates

By using the Aruba WsEndUser method GetAvailablePersonalTemplates it is possible to recuperate the list of the active customized Templates created by the user.
In the case of users with administrative role it provides in output information on the sale status in the templateSellingStatus field.