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4.9 Custom services

A "custom service" is a service which is made-to-measure for the customer. This type of service is designed to provide customers with a product which adapts to their specific needs.

Given the "customized" nature of the service, the activation requires that provisioning of the service is made manually by the technical staff. Examples of custom services are: software licenses, special hardware, dedicated support, etc...

The costs and payment time frames (monthly, two-monthly, biannual, etc...) of custom services are agreed with the sales support team; the cost is deducted from the credit. It is possible to request one or more custom services.
To request the activation of a custom service you need to contact the sales support team.

One of our technical staff will find the best solution and payment method for your requirements.

Activations and any changes made to custom services are performed by the technical staff during office hours (08:30 - 18:30) from Monday to Friday.
To see details of a custom service, follow the instructions below:
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • select the data center that houses the custom service;
    • in "COMPUTING"
      select "Custom services" from the left menu, under "TOOLS";
    • in "STORAGE"
      select "Custom services" from the left menu, under "SERVICES";
    • in "NETWORKING"
      select "Custom services" from the left menu, under "DOMAINS" or "CLOUD MONITORING";
    • in "BACKUP"
      select "Custom services" from the left menu, under "TOOLS";
  • a window will appear with a list of custom services;
  • by clicking on "Details", you can see the data sheet for each custom service, with details of the service and "History" of maintenance performed.

Please note that to make any changes to a custom service, you should contact our sales support team.
In the "Custom services" section in COMPUTING, you can find a list of all custom services (linked to the AWI account), while in the individual sections (STORAGE, NETWORKING and BACKUP) only custom services associated with that specific service.

The history details appear in the same order for all associated services.