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Cloud Backup

Welcome to the Knowledge Base of the Cloud Backup service, which allows you to create Backup accounts used to access the Backup Control Panel to configure Servers on which you can schedule backups.

To view the guides dedicated to the Cloud Backup service, choose one of the following topics.

1.1 General description of the Cloud Backup service

2.1 How do I purchase the Aruba Cloud service?

2.2 Consumption of the Backup Account credit

2.3 Costs of the Cloud Backup for Active or Suspended Backup Accounts

2.4 What happens when the credit runs out

2.4.1 Service reactivation after a top-up

2.4.2 Methods of payment and turnaround time for processing of payment

2.4.3 Auto top-up: activate, change and cancel the auto top-up service

2.5 Duration of the credit

2.6 Minimum credit limit alert

3.1 Create a Backup Account

3.1.1 Choose a rate plan Package rates

3.2 Edit a Backup Account

3.2.1 Change the password of a Backup Account

3.2.2 Change your Backup plan

3.3 Delete a Backup Account

4.1 Download Backup Agents

4.1.1 Install Backup Agents

4.1.2 Uninstall Backup Agents

5.1 Access the Backup Control Panel

5.2 Display and configure the Servers in the Backup Control Panel

5.2.1 Delete a Server from the Backup Control Panel

5.2.2 Reconfigure a deleted Server

5.3 Job: definition, features and actions

5.3.1 Types of Jobs

5.3.2 CloudServerBackup: Default Job

5.3.3 Retention: data retention period

5.3.4 Scheduling Configure the time

5.4 Create a Job

5.4.1 Run a Job

5.4.2 Edit a Job

5.4.3 Synchronize a Job

5.4.4 Failure creating a Job

5.5 View the history and logs of a Job

5.5.1 Failed Job

5.6 Restoring a Backup

5.6.1 Restoring from another Server

5.7 Delete a Job

6.1 What is "Bare Metal Restore"?

6.2 Create a Bare Metal Restore Job

6.3 Perform a Bare Metal Restore Job

6.4 Delete a Bare Metal Restore Job

6.5 Perform a Bare Metal Restore

6.5.1 Recover the parameters to perform a Bare Metal Restore

6.5.2 Perform a Bare Metal Restore on a VMware Cloud Server

6.5.3 Perform a Bare Metal Restore on a Hyper-V Cloud Server