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4.2.2 Reconfigure a deleted Server

If you want to reconfigure a previously deleted Server (Windows or Linux) in the Backup Control Panel, proceed as follows:
  • reinstall the Backup Agent on the Server,
  • go to the Backup Control Panel,
  • open the "Computers" section,

  • identify the Server on which you reinstalled the Backup Agent (it will show as "Unconfigured"),
  • click the arrow to the right of the server,
  • a page like the one below will open offering two configuration options:
    • Configure automatically - automatic configuration;
    • Configure Manually - manual configuration;

  • select "Configure Manually",

    [if you are reconfiguring a deleted Server, the automatic process will fail]
  • you will reach the "Vault Settings" section,

  • click the "Re-Register" button found on the right,
  • the "Vault Settings" window will open,
    select the account under "Vault Profile",
    click on "Load Computers" and select the Server in question,

  • click on "Save",
  • a "Confirmation" dialog box will open, click on "Yes",

  • you will then reach the "Jobs" section,

  • wait for the loading process to complete,

  • unlike with the initial configuration, the system will not automatically create the CloudServerBackup;
    therefore you will need to create a Job manually,
    after creating the Job, the status of the Server will switch from "Unconfigured" to "OK".