Welcome to the Knowledge Base of the Aruba Cloud Partner service.

To view the guides dedicated to the Partner service, choose one of the following topics:

1.1 How to become a Partner

1.2 Advantages

1.3 How to start selling

10.1 Associate a custom service with a customer

10.2 Edit/Delete a custom service

11.1 View spending trends

11.2 Generating statistics

12.1 How to use filters for the tables

12.2 How to export data into Excel (.xls), Word (.doc) and .csv

2.1 How to add Credit

2.2 Credit Consumption

2.3 Out of credit and Credit Limit

3.1 How to login to the Partner Panel

3.2 How to customize the Services

3.3 How to customise the Partner Control Panel

3.4 How to customise the Technical Panel

3.5 How to customise the External Services

4.1 Managing an Administrator

4.2 Resetting an Administrator's Password

4.3 Disabling\Re-enabling an Administrator

4.4 Removing an Administrator

5.1 Creating a User

5.2 Managing a User

5.3 See the details of a User

5.3.1 Access the User's resources

5.4 Resetting a User's Password

5.5 Disabling\Re-enabling a User

5.6 Deleting a User

5.7 Editing a User: details, credit and threshold

6.1 What are Profiles and Permissions?

6.2 Create, edit and clone a Profile

6.3 Manage the Permissions of a Profile

6.4 Associate a Profile to a User

6.5 Replace and cancel a Profile

7.1 Basic Price List

7.1.1 Default Price List

7.2 Creating a Price List

7.3 Managing a Price List

7.3.1 Editing a Price List

7.3.2 Cloning a Price List

7.3.3 Associating a Price List

7.3.4 Replacing a Price List

7.3.5 Removing a Price List

8.1 The Products: type and management

8.2 Associate a Product to a Price List

8.3 Remove a Product from a Price List

8.4 Management of Products in the event of promotional periods

9.1 Create a Personal Template

9.2 Upload a Personal Template

9.3 Edit a Personal Template