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7.1.1 Default Price List

In the absence of new Price Lists created by the Partner, the Default Price List initially matches the Basic Price List.
When the Partner has created one or more customised Price Lists they may decide to choose one and make it become the Default Price List, i.e. the one that will be automatically assigned (unless otherwise chosen) to each new user.

To transform a Price List created into a Default Price List go to the section "Partner Panel" -> "Manage" -> "User Management".

You will see a table which shows the list of the Partner's Price Lists.

Select the icon on the line of the list selected, a modal window like the one below will open

the check "Default Price List" will appear in the top right of the modal window. To activate the change, press "Save", to cancel the operation press "Cancel". If you have chosen "Save" a message will appear to confirm any changes made.

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