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7.1 Basic Price List

The "Basic Price List" is the Price List applied to the Partner. If there are no other Price Lists the default one is applied to all of the Partner's users. The "Basic Price List" is the starting point for the creation of all other Price Lists that will be applied to the various users.

To view the "Basic Price List" proceed as follows:
  • login to the "Partner Panel"
  • go to the section "Manage"

  • select the heading "Basic Price List" from the menu on the left

  • you will see a table which lists the products that the Partner is offering users

The following is indicated for each product:

  • Product - name of the product
  • Amount - the minimum amount payable
  • Type of charge - the type of charge: hourly, monthly, calendar monthly or one-off
  • Currency - the currency in which the cost is charged
  • Basic Price List - the cost of the product applied to the Partner