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5.1 Creating a User

To create a User proceed as follows:
  • login to the "Partner Control Panel"
  • go to the "Manage" section

  • select the "Manage Users" option from the "MANAGE USERS" menu on the left

  • a table like the one below will open

  • click the "New User" button in the right-hand part of the table

  • the "Create User" window will open, fill in the required fields in the form. You can associate a Price List to the new User or select the Default Pricelist. If you still do not have any Customized Price lists the User will automatically be associated with the Default Price list,

    In this window you will find two fields: "Admin Email" and "External Contact Details".
    • The "Admin Email" field represents the address to which the credentials of the new customer will be sent. By default this field will be filled in with the Email address selected during the Customization of the Partner Control Panel. This address can be changed as preferred, for example with the Email address of the User should you wish to send him/her the credentials.

      N.B. It's up to the Administrator to decide whether to receive the credentials of the new User at the Email address configured when customizing the Partner Control Panel (Admin Email), or whether to send them directly to the customer.
    • The "External Contact Details" field allows you to associate the new profile to a name (e.g. Mario Rossi), making it easier to identify and manage the User in the list.

    From the "Profile" section it is possible to associate a Profile to the new User you are creating. The application automatically displays the "Company Profile": it is possible to change this parameter should there be at least one customized Profile.
    We remind you that if the Administrator does not indicate a customized Profile as the Default Profile, the Company Profile will have all the Permissions granted to the User, which will therefore have permission to perform all the given operations on their Cloud Servers.
  • Click on "Save" and wait for the confirmation,

  • the details of the customer will be displayed (UserName and Password) and the creation of the profile will be confirmed and a message sent to the "Admin Email" or other provided email address.
    We remind you that said message will be sent with the sender no-reply@URLControlPanel  (see the How to customize the Control Panel guide).
    Click on "Close" to complete the process..
After completing the process the new User will be displayed in the list of Users.