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12.1 How to use filters for the tables

In several of the data tables you can find the filtering features which can be set using the following group of icons:

Through this feature you can construct complex filtering criteria, using the simple  graphical interface and selecting the type of data in the fields below

To construct the conditions and the related expressions:
  1. you begin by choosing the logical operator from those suggested (AND, OR, NOT AND, NOT OR)

  2. then you choose the data type on which you want to perform the filtering; by clicking on the name of the field all the fields that can be filtered in the table are suggested

  3. finally, the comparison operator is chosen (from those suggested) and if necessary the value of comparison for it is set in the field

  4. apply the expressions constructed in the filter by clicking the "Apply Filter" button

After loading only records that meet all the criteria you set will be displayed in the table below.

With the filter you can perform operations such as:
  • add expressions

    all the individual expressions that you want under the same logical operator can be set and added
  • create a new conditional group by choosing a further logical operator, and by entering new individual expressions

  • remove expressions or conditional groups

    by removing a conditional  group all the expressions within the same group are removed. The main group (root) cannot be removed