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8.1 The Products: type and management

The Partner Control Panel allows you to manage the sale of each single element of the platform, letting you choose the price and the Price List (or Price Lists) to which to associate them. The single elements are treated as products to sell.


Let’s focus on the product concept and on the types of products found in the Partner Control Panel. There are two types of products:
  • Infrastructure Products: these are all the products found in the platform. For these products it is possible to change the price as opposed to the Standard Price List. The Infrastructure Products cannot be deleted: it is only possible to choose to not associate them to a Price List and therefore not put them for sale; they will still be displayed in the list of products in the "Product Management" page. This type of product in turn is divided into ones which can be deleted and ones which can’t be deleted.
    • The products which "can be deleted" are those which the Partner can exclude from sale. Currently this category includes all the Preconfigured Templates of the system.
    • The products which "cannot be deleted" can’t be excluded from those offered to Customers, it is only possible to change their final price. This category includes the hardware resources (vCPU, RAM, HD, HD1 ...).
  • Personal Products: these are the products created by the Partner like for example the Personal Templates. For this type of product it is possible to set both the price and the type of rate (per hour, per month, per calendar month or at a fixed cost). The Personal Products can be permanently deleted and therefore be removed from the list of products found in the "Product Management" page.


From the "SALES" -> "Product Management" page it is possible to decide whether to put specific products for sale on one or more existing price list. By opening this page you will find a table like the following.

By using the two tabs found at the top of the table it is possible to see the products divided into categories.
  • OS/Template: includes all the system Preconfigured Templates and any Personal Template added by the Partner.
  • Licenze e Add-on: includes the Licenses (for example Plesk) and any Add-on.
For each product found in the list you will see the type (Infrastructure or Personal), any Hypervisor used and the creation date. The products added in the last month are marked with NEW on the right.
Each product can be added or removed from the Price Lists using the following buttons:
Add Product to Price Lists
Remove Product from Price Lists

Let’s see the steps you need to follow to put a Personal Product for sale, previously created, in the Partner Control Panel. Currently of the Personal Products it is only possible to manage the Personal Templates: