Partner > 7 - Price Lists Management > Removing a Price List

7.3.5 Removing a Price List

To remove a Price List go to the section "Partner Panel" -> "Manage" -> "Price List Management".

You will see a table which shows the list of the Partner's Price Lists.

Select the icon (if present) in the line of the Price List selected, a modal window will open like the one below in which will be asked to confirm the operation

press "OK" to confirm the removal, or "Cancel" to cancel.

The removal operation can also be done using the list at the bottom

you just need to select one or more Price List/s, choose the action "Remove" and then press the "Run" button, a confirmation message for the operation will appear, like the one below

select "OK"  to confirm or "Cancel" to cancel the operation.

Please note that if you remove a Price List the users associated with it will be re-associated with the Basic Price List or the one that has been configured as the Default Price List.