Partner > 4 - Administrators Management > Managing an Administrator

4.1 Managing an Administrator

To manage an Administrator go to the section "Partner Panel" -> "Manage" -> "Administrators Management".

You will see a table which shows the list of the Partner's Administrators.

For each of the Partner's Administrators the following is shown:
  • User - account code
  • Status - active/suspended/removed
  • Reference - reference contact
There are also 3 icons which appear below a key:
  if active it allows you to change the "Password" linked to the Administrator account
   (deactivated/active/suspended) green allows you to "Suspend" the Administrator; orange allows you to "Re-enable" the Administrator
  if active allows you to "remove" the Administrator

In the lower left-hand part of the table there is a list

via which you can perform actions (Enable / Disable / Reset Password) for one or more Administrators

depending on the Administrators selected in the table.