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6.1 What are Profiles and Permissions?

The Partner Control Panel provided by Aruba allows you to create customized Profiles, to which you can assign specific Permissions, to associate to Users.

The Profile is a set of Permissions that the Partner decides to give or not to that specific role.

This feature has been created predicting that the Partners would want to provide the possibility to perform all or only certain operations on the Cloud Servers (e.g.: create, archive, delete, import disks etc...) to certain types of Users (identified by the specific Profile).
For example if the Partner creates a Profile that allows management of the Cloud Server without allowing to delete it, and he/she assigns this Profile to the User Mario Rossi, the latter will be able to perform all the operations except delete the Cloud Server.

The application does not provide for cases in which Users do not have a Profile. Therefore there is a Profile that is associated to all the Users, which is not indicated otherwise; such profile is called Company Profile.

There are three types of Profiles:
  • Customized Profile: a Profile that can be associated to one or more Users
  • Company Profile:
    • in case of no customized Profile this is associated to all the existing Users;
    • in case of no customized Profile set as Default Profile it has all the Permissions;
    • in case of a customized Profile set as Default Profile, this coincides with such Profile and has the same Permissions.
    This Profile is suggested as the first choice when creating a new User.
  • Default Profile: a customized Profile that alters the Company Profile coinciding the Permissions with the selected Permissions. It is applied automatically to all the Users that are associated to the Company Profile.
After creating a Profile, by following the required process, it is possible to configure the Permissions that are associated to that specific Profile.

The steps you need to follow to associate a Profile to a User are:
  1. create a Profile
  2. assign the Permissions to the Profile
  3. associate the Profile to a specific User