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1.3 How to start selling

Login to the Partner Panel

  • Go to the address and enter the Login information for your Account.
  • Once you have logged in your Partner Panel will be displayed.

Customise the URLs of the Control Panel

Go to "Customize" -> "Customization" - > "Services" - > "Control Panel"
  • Indicate the URL of the Control Panel e.g. DOMAINNAME.IT.
  • Indicate the URL for Resetting the Password (if you wish to set it).

Select the Services you wish to enable

Go to "Customize" -> "Customization" - > "Services" - > "Manage Services"
  • Select which services you wish to enable. For the Computing service it’s also possible to specify which data centers to enable.

Customise your Partner Panel

Go to the section "Customise " -> "Customization" -> "Partner Control Panel"
  • Upload your logo (width 320 px, height 80 px, format .gif .png, .jpg).
  • Choose the background colour of the header.
  • Enter text in the footer.
  • Enter the administrator's Email address.
  • Customise email messages (for creating a User and to Reset Your Password).

Customise your Control Panel

Go to the section "Customise" -> "Customization" -> "Control Panel"
  • Upload your logo (width 160 px, height 110 px, format .gif .png, .jpg).
  • Choose the background colour of the header.
  • Choose a "Control Panel Skin".
  • Choose whether to enable Support and insert additional items.
  • Choose whether to enable the Aruba KB.
  • Choose which Datacenter to provide the Services on.

Create a Price List starting from the Base Price List

Go to the section "Manage" -> "MANAGE CREDITS" -> "Manage Price Lists"
  • Click on "New Price List", to assign a name to the Price List and enter the price Variations for each individual Product (the Price assigned by the Partner may not be lower than that of the Basic Price List, in any case).

Creare un Profilo ed assegnare i Permessi al Profilo creato

Go to the section "Manage" -> "MANAGE PROFILES" -> "Manage Profiles"
  • Click on "New Profile", enter the "Profile Name" and decide whether to make it the "Default Profile".
Go to the section "Manage" -> "MANAGE PROFILES" -> "Manage Permissions"
  • Select the Permissions that you wish to give to the Profile.

Create a user, assign a credit and a credit limit to associate with a Price List

Go to the section "Manage" -> "Manage Users"
  • Click on "New User", enter the required details and select:
    • the amount you wish to assign for the "Credit Amount" and "Credit Limit Amount";
    • the "Price List" with which you wish to associate the User;
    • the "Profile" you wish to assign to the User;