Partner > 7 - Price Lists Management > Managing a Price List

7.3 Managing a Price List

To manage a Price List go to the section "Partner Panel" -> "Manage" -> "Price List Management".

You will see a table which shows the list of the Partner's Price Lists.

For each of the Partner's Price Lists the following will be shown:
  • Price List Name - the name associated with the Price List
  • Default - will be indicated which Price List is the default list
  • Validity Start Date - the start date for the validity of the Price List
  • Currency - the currency in which the Price List is counted
  • Price List Users - the number of users to which the Price List is associated
There are also 5 icons which appear below a key:
allows you to edit the Price List
allows you to clone the Price List
allows you to associate the Price List with a user
allows you to replace a Price List
if active allows you to remove the Price List

In the lower left-hand part of the table there is a list

via which you can remove one or more Price Lists

according to the Price Lists selected in the table.