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Initial concepts

The Cloud Computing service APIs (Application Programming Interface) are a tool that is available to programmers who want to independently manage all of the functionality provided, they can automate and integrate them without going through the respective technical panel.

For maximum transparency and flexibility, all of the functionalities offered by the Technical Management Panel are also used by the API interface.
With these connection interfaces you can actually check the operations on Cloud Servers and on additional elements you can change the service configurations and create and delete the various objects. When the webservice is updated for adding new features we change the version number, compatibility is guaranteed up to three releases back to the present.

The service management interfaces are web services available from addresses like the following:
  • https://api.dcX.computing.cloud.it/WsEndUser/vY.Z/WsEndUser.svc
  • https://api.dcX.computing.cloud.it/WsCommon/vY.Z/WsCommon.svc
  • https://api.dcX.computing.cloud.it/WsLicense/vY.Z/WsLicense.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsBackup/vY.Z/WsBackup.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsCommon/Y.Z/WsCommon.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsCloudStorage/vY.Z/WsCloudStorage.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsDomains/vY.Z/WsDomains.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsDns/vY.Z/WsDns.svc
  • https://api.services.cloud.it/WsMonitoring/vY.Z/WsMonitoring.svc
Where X represents the datacenter number and Y and Z the version of APIs to use.

The methods available in each datacenter are the same with the same behaviour and every aspect of the related datacenter can be managed from each one.

Services Datacenter The WsEndUser web services are protected with accounts and passwords and require authorisation for each operation, for more details, refer to the related articles about getting your login credentials and how to make the first connection.
The methods available in these web services are listed in the related WSDL available at the following addresses: