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4.6 Technical Support Requests

"Technical Support Requests" is a service offered to users who require professional support when creating new infrastructures or anything that may require qualified system support. To open a request, follow these steps:
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • choose the relevant service from the menu;
  • select "Technical Support Requests" from the left-hand menu under "SUPPORT".
Aruba Cloud technical staff can perform a variety of tasks, including for example:
  • installing and updating software (Plesk, PHP, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL, etc …);
  • installing operating system patches;
  • installing SSL certificates;
  • system hardening;
  • performance analysis/server configuration and tuning;
  • ad-hoc backup on Cloud Storage;
  • configuring Firewall/Load Balancer and setting up VPNs;
  • migrating websites from hosting/physical servers/VPS to Cloud Servers;
  • physical-to-Virtual (P2V) and Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) migration;
  • ad hoc set up of environments (Exchange + BES, streaming Server Red5, etc …).

You can use the request form to contact our technical team for an assessment of the service required and a cost estimate.
A request for technical support can be created at any time. Any estimate requested is free of charge and carries no obligation. The user is free to choose whether they wish to accept or decline the estimate. Whichever type of estimate is provided, the agreed price will only be charged once the work has been completed.
If the technical team decides that the work can be carried out, it will provide the customer with an estimate. There are two types of estimate:
  • fixed price - the fixed-price estimate gives an all-inclusive final price for the work requested. This type of estimate is given for work that can be scheduled and costed with certainty;
  • per hour - in a per-hour estimate, a final "approximate"price for the work is provided, but may change during the course of the work.
    Any change will be discussed and agreed with the customer.
The user can choose to accept or reject the estimate.

The hourly cost for technical work can be found in the price list.
When the estimate is provided by the technical team, it will also indicate a date showing how long this estimate is valid.
The cost agreed with the customer is charged once the work has been completed.
There is absolutely no cost or obligation for the customer simply for sending a request for technical support.

If the user has insufficient credit to cover the agreed charge, the out of credit process will apply. To reactivate the service you will need to top up your credit to cover the outstanding amount.