Manage AWI account  /  Topping-up credit  /  View AWI account orders

2.2.1 View AWI account orders

To see the orders for your AWI account, follow these steps:
  • Sign in to the Customer Area using your login details: account username (AWI-12345) and password.
  • Select "CLOUD" from the top menu.
  • Scroll down the page until you get to "Cloud account orders".
  • This section shows you all the orders the user has placed, regardless of their status. An order can have one of the following statuses:
    • Processed - the order has been completed by the user and paid for (this status cannot be changed).
    • Payment due - the order has been completed by the user, but has not yet been paid for (this status can be changed to paid or canceled).
    • Canceled - the order was completed by the user, but not paid for, and has been canceled by the user (this status cannot be changed).
  • You can search for an order by order number.
  • You can download a list of orders as an XLS or CSV file.