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3.6.1 Reactivating services after a top-up

Topping-up your credit (after it has run out) does not reactivate services that were switched off/disconnected/archived by the system: this is the customer's responsibility.

This is to protect the customer, who might have deliberately shut down a service before credit runs out.
When topping-up, it is important to check how much credit you need.

The minimum top-up amount of 1.00 Euro+VAT might not be enough to reactivate all the services that have been switched off/disconnected/archived: it may only be enough for resources calculated on an hourly basis (e.g. Cloud Server Pro), but not enough for those charged on a monthly basis (e.g.: Cloud Server Smart).

We therefore recommend checking which services you want to reactivate. Should you fail to reactivate the services, these will follow their usual process once the credit has run out. The manual reactivation process is the same whichever method is used to calculate the service (hourly cost, monthly cost or on a calendar month basis).