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2.1.1 How to apply for VAT exemption

VAT exemption is limited to companies, freelancers and sole-proprietor firms.

To be eligible for VAT exemption, you need to have an account (AWI-12345) and follow these steps:
  • sign in to;
  • at the "TOP-UP " stage, select the minimum first top-up amount of 10 Euros;
  • click "CONTINUE" to confirm;
  • register in the "New User" area;
  • fill in your details in the "CUSTOMER DETAILS" page;
  • in the "VAT No." section, tick the "Apply VAT exemption at 0%" box to request exemption from VAT;
    You must be registered with Intrastat to be eligible for exemption.
  • continue and complete the registration.
Requests for exemption will be subject to checks and, if denied, VAT at 22% will be applied.

Once registration has been completed and VAT exemption granted, all subsequent orders will automatically be exempt from VAT.