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3.1 Cost type

There are six cost types depending on the resource or the service.
  • Hourly: this cost relates to all the resources (e.g.: vCPU, RAM, hard disks) calculated on an hourly basis (or part of an hour), and so you can pay for them even for one hour of service.
  • Monthly (30 days): this is a cost that must be paid in advance to cover the next 30 days (730 hours) to be able to use the resource in question. Resources that are calculated on a monthly basis regardless of their use: these will be paid for in advance even if only used for one hour.
    June July
      30 days 30 days
    The monthly cost is calculated over 730 hours:
    365 days x 24 hours = 8,760 hours
    8,760 hours / 12 months = 730 hours
  • Calendar month: this cost is paid in advance and covers the period of time from the activation of the resource until the end of the month. These costs are independent of the number of hours for which the resource is used. These costs are required by the licensing companies.
    The Paris-Berlin-Rome GMT +1 time zone is used as a reference for the end of the calendar month.
    June July
      10 days 31 days
  • Annual: this cost is paid in advance and covers one year from activation.
    The annual cost is calculated over 8,760 hours:
    365 days x 24 hours = 8,760 hours
  • One-off: cost for any technical work required.
  • Pay-Per-Use: this cost is only charged when the service is used.
  Cost type
service/resource Hourly Monthly
30 days
Annual One-off PPU
Cloud Server PRO            
Cloud Server VPS            
Virtual Switch            
Additional Public IP            
Additional FTP space            
Microsoft SQL Server license*            
Windows Server RDS license*            
Plesk license            
∟ Extensions            
Load Balancer            
∟ SMS Notification            
Unified Storage            
Technical Support Requests            
Private Cloud            
Hybrid Link            
Pay-per-use Backup            
Backup package            
Pay-per-use Object Storage            
Object Storage package            
Monitoring Plans            
Monitoring Free Plan            
SMS Notification            
DNS Management            
Domain Name            
∟ Whois Privacy            
Application Platform pay-per-use            
Application Platform package            
DBaaS with shared resources            
DBaaS with dedicated resources            
* Licenses are linked to the Cloud Server PRO/VPS template