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4.7 Notices

Notices are messages displayed in the Control Panel, informing users of the outcome of operations performed on their resources. The notices section also contains messages sent directly by Aruba Cloud technical staff, informing users of scheduled maintenance or new features.

Notices are shown with a number (the notification number) on a red background on the right-hand side of the Control Panel, next to the account (AWI-12345) area.

There are two types of notice:
  • by operator: messages written and sent by a staff member;
  • system: messages generated automatically by the system to confirm operations performed by the user (e.g. creating a new Cloud Server, switching off a Cloud Server, etc.).
Notices are color coded:
  • green - operation performed successfully;
  • red - operation failed.
Two buttons appear on the top right:
  • REFRESH - to update the notice list (for example, if you are awaiting confirmation of a Cloud Server being switched off);
  • REMOVE ALL - to delete all current notices.
    Notices can be deleted individually by simply clicking on the red X to the right of each one.
All notices have an expiry date, after which they will no longer be displayed. Notices that are not deleted will be displayed at each new session until they expire.

Notices "by operator" can only be postponed but not deleted. If you use the “remove” button for one of these, it will no longer be displayed for the current session but will appear again next time you sign in, until its expiry.