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5.1 Connecting and using the Recovery Console

The Recovery Console allows you to manage your Cloud Servers easily, using a graphical user interface in the Control Panel, in particular to:
  • reboot your virtual machine (remember that switching your virtual machine on and off from the Control Panel is the equivalent of an actual reboot);
  • connect to the machine directly from the user interface available on your browser;
  • manage and monitor the status of your virtual machine and any devices configured in it.
We recommend only using the Recovery Console when strictly necessary, as connecting via RDP or SSH is far quicker and more reliable. Using the Recovery Console is the only way to connect to your Cloud Server if it has no associated Public IP address, or when this has not been configured correctly.
To connect to the Recovery Console:
  • log in to the Control Panel;
  • choose "COMPUTING" in the menu;
  • select the Cloud Server in the "Manage Cloud Computing" section and click "MANAGE";
  • select "CONNECT TO CONSOLE" in "SERVER ACTIONS", once you have accessed the technical datasheet for the Cloud Server;
  • click on "CONNECT TO CONSOLE" in the "How to connect to the Cloud Server" pop-up window which appears.
The Recovery Console allows you to enter data directly from the virtual keyboard of the device used to log in to the Control Panel:
  • press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT to display the virtual keyboard on the screen, enabling you to enter data and use key combinations such as CTRL+ALT+CANC.
The virtual keyboard will function correctly depending on the hypervisor used, the operating system of the Cloud Server and the language set for the Cloud Server. We suggest testing to make sure that the character selected corresponds to the one shown on the screen, especially before entering passwords with hidden characters.