4.5 Failover Live

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This service allows you to put in place the Disaster Recovery plan and easily take action at any time, by activating the VMs on the secondary Site.

To perform a Failover Live proceed as follows:
log in to the Control Panel, make sure the "Failover" button is set to "Live", then click it.

A window like the one below will open in which you need to select the VPGs. Click "Next".

On the following step you need to confirm the "Checkpoint". Click "Next".
If you wish to select a specific Checkpoint you need to click it, after which the "Select Recovery Point" window will open in which you can indicate your Checkpoint.
Click the "Failover" button to start the process.

At this point on the main page of the Control Panel in the "Protection Status" column related to the VPG you are performing the Failover on, will display "Failing Over".

By selecting the VPG on the main page, you will open a page with details on the "Failing Over"  performance and progress.

After completing the process the secondary Site will be active.