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AVL-005 - Ubuntu Server 20.04 Virtual Desktop 64bit Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


This image shows an installation of Ubuntu 20.04, configured for use as a virtual PC desktop with graphical interface via RDP.

Fail2ban is available on this template. See the tutorial for further details.


Accessed via SSH with a root username and password.
Accessed via any RDP client with root username and the password for the root username.The password can be changed later.
The default graphical environment is lightweight LXQT, which provides a virtual desktop using very little RAM memory.


Thanks to the xRDP program, the template supports the shared Clipboard and copy/paste function between the client and the server.
Even on the desktop side, there is no additional software weighing the system down, leaving the end user to choose each individual package.

The open ports for the current template are:
22 TCP
3389 TCP

Template version



Updated to release 20.04