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AWL-003 - CentOS 7x 64bit - WordPress Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide

Windows Server 2008 R2
 SQL Server 2008


This is a Linux CentOS 7 template with Wordpress pre-installed together with all the components required for operating this CMS (Apache, MariaDB, PHP).


It is accessed through SSH with a wpuser username or root and the relevant password.
To access the Wordpress dashboard and run the initial configuration you simply login via the browser by entering the server's IP address.
For example: if the server's IP address is you will need to login with the browser at this address:

Once the initial configuration has been completed, it is advisable to change the password for root-system and wpuser usernames, possibly disabling root login via SSH.


The template includes a DB called wordpress used for the CMS which is accessed with the wpuser username and the password set during the creation phase; the same password grants root access to the DB.

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